This blog is to allow me to capture my extreme love of books and share it with you!  I have been a crazy reader my whole like typically devouring, on average, one book a day. My preferences change often but I tend to stay with science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, romance, mystery, and often combos of any of these.  I like to read adult oriented books, young adult, and even the occasional young reader books (I love the "The Mysterious Benedict Society" series).

I plan to share my reviews for the books I read and I will be completely honest.  I in no way wish to speak badly of any author knowing the time and effort that goes into writing a book but I don't believe in saying I liked something when I didn't.  At times I will start a book and not finish for the sole reason that I thought it was a book in the areas that I enjoy and it turns out it wasn't - I am not going to write a bad review for that for no reason other than it wasn't my cup of tea.  However, those books which do fit my bill but I simply can't finish because they are just that bad - yeah, you'll hear about that.  These are my feelings though and if they are not the same as yours, well that is just fine, we all have things we like and things we don't.  Please don't bash me for having seen things differently than you, but please share what your opinions are, maybe I will be able to look at the book through your eyes and see the merits.

I love to read, however, I am new at this blog thing so it will take me a while to get going.  Any comments or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.



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